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1/28 scale F1 Front Wing Guard

1/28 scale F1 Front Wing Guard

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These wing guards offer protection to the wheels, tires, and front end from heavy bumper impacts or collisions with other race cars. They help prevent running up under bumpers or hitting the back/sides of other cars. Additionally, they enhance airflow around the front wheels and tires.

Each one weighs less than 1 gram. You'll need to find an M2x6 (or longer) machine-threaded screw with a low-profile head (NOT a Cap head), preferably a button head.  The screw length will depend on which F1 front wing you are mounting them to.

NOTE: most wings you will need to modify yourself to make them fit, PN (cut the lexan and make new screw hole) or GL (mount directly to the carbon fiber plate and cut tips of wing off around the guard and make new screw hole) etc.

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