Trophies and Plaques

Looking for that special race trophy for your next point series?  Need a special Plaque to show off your finished results from a big race?  Look no further, Sleek RC trophies have been handed out at Race of Champions, PN East Coast Regional, RCHQ Warm Up series, and many other races across the country.

Contact us for cost estimates based on your particular needs.  most costs are based on size of trophy (regular or jumbo), number of trophies, options like LED Pucks, color of trophy, and other details like number of classes, logos, etc.

Some examples costs are:

  • 9 regular size trophies, this works good for 1st to 3rd in 3 different classes or 1st to 3rd in A to C mains:  Start at $50 + shipping
  • 3 jumbo size trophies with LED Pucks, great for 1st to 3rd A main:  Start at $50 + shipping

The two examples above are great to use for getting A through D mains for a class so that top 3 in A main get Jumbo trophies and LED Pucks, top 3 in B to D get a Regular Size trophy.

Here are some actual trophies from past events:

PN East Coast Regional 2023

MWX Midwest Pro-AM 2023, & ZRC Winter Shootout 2023:

RC Hobby Summer Points Series 2023 (Regular size trophy for EVERY finish position)

ZRC Winter Shootout 2023:

Race of Champions 2023 (Jumbo trophies and Personal Stats Plaques):